Monday 25 February 2013

Red or Black?

Initially I got these gorgeous boots in red and then panicked that I should have just got them in black because I don't know what I would wear them with.

I was considering taking them back but I just didn't want to part with them! 

So then what would a shoe lover do? 

KEEP the red... and also get the black ;)

I am a sucker for suede for a start so I was in happiness :) I am not a big fan of gold but I couldn't resist the toe-cap, solid gold with spikes and studs. 

I know next season spikes and studs will no longer be around but I think these boots will always remain a classic in my wardrobe.

The red goes well with black or white jeans and I have a gold belt and some gold and black statement jewellery that is very in at the moment that goes well with both boots :)

Don't you love it when something comes together?

*happy dance in my boots!*

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