Tuesday 5 February 2013

Oh...oh sometimes, I get a good feeling ;)

You know the feeling when you found something you really like and you got it for way less than it originally was (*inserts big smile)

Sometimes its an even better feeling than buying something you really like for full price.

I am not actually one to usually bother with sales racks in stores. I just find it a bit of a mess / tug of war and I guess a part of me feels it will just be a lot of rubbish.

But I have to admit - it is worth it when you find that little gem.

I came across this top in Zara on Monday and immediately fell in love with the detailing, it actually looked a bit big on the hanger but its a small and fits well; breathable and loose in areas, perfect for Spring/Summer.

Happiness and warm feeling kicks in :)

The top has gold detailing studs down the front meeting at a little lace bit in the middle and the lace actually continues all across the back. 

I think I will be wearing this quite a bit when the sunshine kicks in :)

I found this necklace the same day and thought the pair would go perfect together - what do you know ;)

So now I think I am a sales fan! I think thats the other reason with sales, if you wait, the risk that the item you liked may not be there, or is but not in your size... is it worth that wait?

Actually the sales here aren't as good as what I have seen in the states, where I would happily scan the sales racks because they have good deals like 70%+ off, whereas here on the majority of things I think you are sometimes lucky to get 30% off... but maybe thats just me, maybe my sales shopping is just a bit inexperienced! :)

Top, Zara. Necklace, Accessorize

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