Wednesday 13 February 2013

Cookies and booties

As part of the 3 day guest pass at reebok I got to have a much needed massage. My lower back has been quite sore over the past few days (I think down to carrying a heavy bag) and so this massage came just in good time!

The massage was quick but good, I was just getting all relaxed imagining I was on a beach and she was done! This was only a 15 minute back massage but massages are one thing that definitely do go too fast.

After that we headed for a bite to eat on the wharf. Carluccio's can be a nice place to eat for a quick bite every now and then.

Bruschetta and rocket
Spicy sausage with penne
It also has a deli area so on the way out we picked up a few things including one of my favourite cookies, white chocolate and macadamia :)

Andrew stocked up on some of his favourite olives
The patisserie selections always look so nice
and here's my cookie, or two! ;)
Theres a nice italian gelato bar on the wharf but having got the cookies Andrew wouldn't let me go back for ice cream (meanie!) so I have no ice cream to show you, but maybe next time...

I then literally ran home before the concierge left for the evening to get my package which I had been waiting to collect for 2 days and I opened it up to these beauties :)

I am in ♥ but I don't know that I will ever really wear them. 

I guess if I had a bag to match that was identical in colour and with some gold detailing but otherwise I am not sure....

What does one do when it comes to shoes!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes it is and you can actually buy some of their sauces from the deli :)

  2. That's always the way with massages! That food looks delicious, and the shoes are gorgeous - maybe you could dye them black? THey would be so much more wearble that way

    1. Thanks Jamie-lee, I actually have them in black as well, I have been meaning to get that post up time has just flown, hopefully by tomorrow ;) I am in <3 with these boots!

  3. Those shoes are GORGEOUS!!! I love the color and the embellished toes! And I'm dying for a massage right now :)

    elle [wonderfelle world]



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