Sunday 10 February 2013

Super Sunday!

We managed to get a guest pass for my boyfriends gym and he was up for trying out a spinning class to see what all the fuss was about - I absolutely LOVE spinning!

Spinning can be an extremely intense work out depending on what you make of it. I love to push it as hard as I really can because you do sweat like crazy and feel super powered afterwards, you're truly knackered but somehow feel completely re-energised at the same time, its awesome!

We went to the Reebok gym at Canary Wharf which is far superior to my little one in Mayfair. I am actually tempted to sign up to the Reebok but because its not near where I work I know by the time I make my way home I have more of an excuse not to go.
Reebok entrance, sofas to sit and relax
The Reebok gym is massive and has so much equipment you couldn't even get round it all - if you were a proper gym goer I think it would be the version of a kid in a candy store - as well as a boxing ring, a basketball court and huge studios, it even has a rock-climbing wall!
Climbing wall behind the stairs
Our spin class lasted 45/50 minutes and was probably one of the most intense I have done all thanks to the instructor. If the instructor is good enough they won't put up with anyone slacking in the class - the guy next to me actually got told twice to basically do it properly or get out! Not all instructors are like that, infact I have only come across two. At my current gym, an instructor (and I am sure he was ex-army) literally shouted in someones face if you didn't push it hard enough. Sounds actually quite daunting but I love it, I think people need that motivation, they need that kick up the butt!
I seriously don't understand people that join a gym class and do their own thing, especially on a bike, you may as well go out on the gym floor and work out.

Unfortunately the ex-army guy doesn't take the spin classes anymore so today felt even better for me. (My boyfriend probably not so much, his legs were already in pain from his sessions that week!)  I joke with Andrew how I want the ex-army guy to do the classes again, not just because I really enjoy his class but he reminds me of Stonebridge, from the TV series Stike Back (hot!)

Reebok also has some really nice changing rooms, I was telling Andrew how I even liked the sandalwood body wash in the showers (apparently he didn't have anything like that so maybe they just look after the girls!) hair straighteners are even complimentary to use, as well as the usual towels and hairdryers.

After leaving the gym we decided to grab something to eat so Andrew got something from Leon and I got a chicken salad from Krugar. They actually had a good selection of food as well as a smoothie bar but we decided to make our own smoothie at home.
Strawberry, banana and mango sorbet smoothie, Yum!
I also managed to pick up some wheatgrass powder in holland and barrett for 'buy one get one for a penny!' :)

We are now officially exhausted and I think I am going off to have a hot bath with some Lush bath bombs!

Oooo, Andrew's just sent me over a delicious looking snack I may have to eat first!

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