Sunday 3 February 2013

Victoria's Secret ♥

Victoria's Secret is quite an obsession of mine.

If I could own a closet full of their stuff (and other wonderful things) I happily would.

Not only is their underwear comfortable and sexy, I also love their especially comfortable 'Pink' range of casual clothing and live in them when at home.

The only two issues I have is when you can't find a bra in your size (they always seem to have limited stock) and finding the panties to match (sometimes they don't even exist).

I guess its not a big deal to most but my boyfriend and I have this thing about matching underwear... it has to match! I am generally more OCD than he is but I can't buy it unless it matches!

They have some really pretty sets when you can find them. I have quite a collection now but only really wear them on special occasions. But their more casual range of underwear (i.e blacks, whites and nudes) are also comfortable and fit well.

Victoria's Secret opened in London last year and I think the Bond Street store is awesome with 3 floors of loveliness :) (its like walking into a candy shop!) but it does bug me that we pay more in London than in the US!

The VS makeup range is also quite nice, the packaging is sleek and from reviews I have read the products can be pretty good.

I grabbed a few items whilst I was in Florida and particularly like the shade of this color drama lipstick as its quite a pretty pink, very rich and moisturising on the lips.

Left to right: VS smooth kiss gloss lip butter, VS Color drama in 'Wish', VSPRO Moisture FX softening lip balm
Full coverage, glossy & moisturising VS color drama lipstick

There doesn't seem to be a proper VS makeup section here in the UK yet, just a few of the products mainly the body lotions, which seem to be extremely popular in the sales!

For even more loveliness: Victoria's


  1. That lip color is so pretty and looks fab on you!

  2. Thanks Elle :) Sorry not the best camera shot as it was with an iphone! Hope you enjoyed the game, we were cheering on 49ers too!



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