Monday, 25 February 2013

Red or Black?

Initially I got these gorgeous boots in red and then panicked that I should have just got them in black because I don't know what I would wear them with.

I was considering taking them back but I just didn't want to part with them! 

So then what would a shoe lover do? 

KEEP the red... and also get the black ;)

I am a sucker for suede for a start so I was in happiness :) I am not a big fan of gold but I couldn't resist the toe-cap, solid gold with spikes and studs. 

I know next season spikes and studs will no longer be around but I think these boots will always remain a classic in my wardrobe.

The red goes well with black or white jeans and I have a gold belt and some gold and black statement jewellery that is very in at the moment that goes well with both boots :)

Don't you love it when something comes together?

*happy dance in my boots!*

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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Cookies and booties

As part of the 3 day guest pass at reebok I got to have a much needed massage. My lower back has been quite sore over the past few days (I think down to carrying a heavy bag) and so this massage came just in good time!

The massage was quick but good, I was just getting all relaxed imagining I was on a beach and she was done! This was only a 15 minute back massage but massages are one thing that definitely do go too fast.

After that we headed for a bite to eat on the wharf. Carluccio's can be a nice place to eat for a quick bite every now and then.

Bruschetta and rocket
Spicy sausage with penne
It also has a deli area so on the way out we picked up a few things including one of my favourite cookies, white chocolate and macadamia :)

Andrew stocked up on some of his favourite olives
The patisserie selections always look so nice
and here's my cookie, or two! ;)
Theres a nice italian gelato bar on the wharf but having got the cookies Andrew wouldn't let me go back for ice cream (meanie!) so I have no ice cream to show you, but maybe next time...

I then literally ran home before the concierge left for the evening to get my package which I had been waiting to collect for 2 days and I opened it up to these beauties :)

I am in ♥ but I don't know that I will ever really wear them. 

I guess if I had a bag to match that was identical in colour and with some gold detailing but otherwise I am not sure....

What does one do when it comes to shoes!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Super Sunday!

We managed to get a guest pass for my boyfriends gym and he was up for trying out a spinning class to see what all the fuss was about - I absolutely LOVE spinning!

Spinning can be an extremely intense work out depending on what you make of it. I love to push it as hard as I really can because you do sweat like crazy and feel super powered afterwards, you're truly knackered but somehow feel completely re-energised at the same time, its awesome!

We went to the Reebok gym at Canary Wharf which is far superior to my little one in Mayfair. I am actually tempted to sign up to the Reebok but because its not near where I work I know by the time I make my way home I have more of an excuse not to go.
Reebok entrance, sofas to sit and relax
The Reebok gym is massive and has so much equipment you couldn't even get round it all - if you were a proper gym goer I think it would be the version of a kid in a candy store - as well as a boxing ring, a basketball court and huge studios, it even has a rock-climbing wall!
Climbing wall behind the stairs
Our spin class lasted 45/50 minutes and was probably one of the most intense I have done all thanks to the instructor. If the instructor is good enough they won't put up with anyone slacking in the class - the guy next to me actually got told twice to basically do it properly or get out! Not all instructors are like that, infact I have only come across two. At my current gym, an instructor (and I am sure he was ex-army) literally shouted in someones face if you didn't push it hard enough. Sounds actually quite daunting but I love it, I think people need that motivation, they need that kick up the butt!
I seriously don't understand people that join a gym class and do their own thing, especially on a bike, you may as well go out on the gym floor and work out.

Unfortunately the ex-army guy doesn't take the spin classes anymore so today felt even better for me. (My boyfriend probably not so much, his legs were already in pain from his sessions that week!)  I joke with Andrew how I want the ex-army guy to do the classes again, not just because I really enjoy his class but he reminds me of Stonebridge, from the TV series Stike Back (hot!)

Reebok also has some really nice changing rooms, I was telling Andrew how I even liked the sandalwood body wash in the showers (apparently he didn't have anything like that so maybe they just look after the girls!) hair straighteners are even complimentary to use, as well as the usual towels and hairdryers.

After leaving the gym we decided to grab something to eat so Andrew got something from Leon and I got a chicken salad from Krugar. They actually had a good selection of food as well as a smoothie bar but we decided to make our own smoothie at home.
Strawberry, banana and mango sorbet smoothie, Yum!
I also managed to pick up some wheatgrass powder in holland and barrett for 'buy one get one for a penny!' :)

We are now officially exhausted and I think I am going off to have a hot bath with some Lush bath bombs!

Oooo, Andrew's just sent me over a delicious looking snack I may have to eat first!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Oh...oh sometimes, I get a good feeling ;)

You know the feeling when you found something you really like and you got it for way less than it originally was (*inserts big smile)

Sometimes its an even better feeling than buying something you really like for full price.

I am not actually one to usually bother with sales racks in stores. I just find it a bit of a mess / tug of war and I guess a part of me feels it will just be a lot of rubbish.

But I have to admit - it is worth it when you find that little gem.

I came across this top in Zara on Monday and immediately fell in love with the detailing, it actually looked a bit big on the hanger but its a small and fits well; breathable and loose in areas, perfect for Spring/Summer.

Happiness and warm feeling kicks in :)

The top has gold detailing studs down the front meeting at a little lace bit in the middle and the lace actually continues all across the back. 

I think I will be wearing this quite a bit when the sunshine kicks in :)

I found this necklace the same day and thought the pair would go perfect together - what do you know ;)

So now I think I am a sales fan! I think thats the other reason with sales, if you wait, the risk that the item you liked may not be there, or is but not in your size... is it worth that wait?

Actually the sales here aren't as good as what I have seen in the states, where I would happily scan the sales racks because they have good deals like 70%+ off, whereas here on the majority of things I think you are sometimes lucky to get 30% off... but maybe thats just me, maybe my sales shopping is just a bit inexperienced! :)

Top, Zara. Necklace, Accessorize

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Victoria's Secret ♥

Victoria's Secret is quite an obsession of mine.

If I could own a closet full of their stuff (and other wonderful things) I happily would.

Not only is their underwear comfortable and sexy, I also love their especially comfortable 'Pink' range of casual clothing and live in them when at home.

The only two issues I have is when you can't find a bra in your size (they always seem to have limited stock) and finding the panties to match (sometimes they don't even exist).

I guess its not a big deal to most but my boyfriend and I have this thing about matching underwear... it has to match! I am generally more OCD than he is but I can't buy it unless it matches!

They have some really pretty sets when you can find them. I have quite a collection now but only really wear them on special occasions. But their more casual range of underwear (i.e blacks, whites and nudes) are also comfortable and fit well.

Victoria's Secret opened in London last year and I think the Bond Street store is awesome with 3 floors of loveliness :) (its like walking into a candy shop!) but it does bug me that we pay more in London than in the US!

The VS makeup range is also quite nice, the packaging is sleek and from reviews I have read the products can be pretty good.

I grabbed a few items whilst I was in Florida and particularly like the shade of this color drama lipstick as its quite a pretty pink, very rich and moisturising on the lips.

Left to right: VS smooth kiss gloss lip butter, VS Color drama in 'Wish', VSPRO Moisture FX softening lip balm
Full coverage, glossy & moisturising VS color drama lipstick

There doesn't seem to be a proper VS makeup section here in the UK yet, just a few of the products mainly the body lotions, which seem to be extremely popular in the sales!

For even more loveliness: Victoria's


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