Tuesday 9 April 2013

Sebastian Professional: Shaper Zero Gravity

I have been horribly sick of late so I have been MIA for longer than I would like. One thing that did keep me going was my morning smoothie boost which I will post about this week.

Today I want to talk about hairspray. Its not something I resort to often (all the alcohol is very drying to the hair) but if I do want something to hold my style it would be the Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity.

One of the other reasons I don't use hairspray that much is that the majority seem to leave hair in a sticky mess! I hate it when you have your hair done at the salon and when they finish styling it, it looks great, fresh, soft and bouncy and then they whack a load of spray in it and it feels awful!
I like my hair feeling soft and easy to run my hands through (who doesn't right?) so this for me works and keeps my hair moveable yet doesn't lose its style.

Loose curls morning till night, no stickiness or stiffness and gives hair volume, thats what Sebastian Shaper Zero delivers!

Not only does this last but the smell doesn't bother me at all and disappears within seconds (Personally I can't stand the smell of Elnett, its awful! I think they do a fragrance-free one now but I haven't seen it in a small size bottle which I generally prefer)

Keeps hair style until you brush out
Light, fine spray
Not sticky
HUGE can (400ml) lasts and lasts

Only available in 400ml (I did track down a travel size but it was £4.95 for a tiny 50ml +shipping!!)

Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity, available at Amazon and lookfantastic.com

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