Thursday 25 April 2013

Holiday dreaming... blue floral

I am always dreaming of a holiday - even when I have just got back from one!

Usually its where the weather is warm, I really love how the sun brings warmth and happiness :)  On this occasion the weather was a bit hit and miss but at least we didn't see any rain!

(Sorry for the poor photos in advance, not the best camera)
Straight to the maxi dress, my sunshine wardrobe staple. I love how flowy, elegant and feminine they can be.

This one is blue and white with flower prints. You can see a tiny hint of blue bikini underneath, which also has a white flower print.
On this day we kept running in and out because as soon as the cloud covered the sun it got so cold with the wind! In this photo I know I am about to freeze, whereas in the one below its absolute bliss!

At the moment there is a lot of print about and I am loving the detail and colour. If it has pretty colours and they are vibrant I am like a moth to a flame. Print brings back a happy memory of years ago when my sister had a beautiful pair of bright coloured red cropped pants with big black flowers prints on them. When we were on a cruise at NYE she wore them and when she needed to go to the bathroom she couldn't get the side zip undone, somehow stuck in the fabric or something. A while later she was still having trouble and she was so desperate by this point she asked my dad to rip them! At the time a security man was near by and without them knowing approached them saying, in a truly concerned voice "Ma'am, is this man bothering you?"... my sister had to explain as my dad looked very embarrassed - it was too funny, I will never forget it ;)

Maxi print dress, H&M (last season)

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