Sunday 14 April 2013

Give yourself a boost!

Feeling sick and down last week I continued with my usual morning pick me up, which I enjoy so much I now struggle to go without.

Thought I would share this quick, easy and delicious recipe of the green smoothie I usually (if not always) turn to;

Almond milk / coconut milk

First I add the almond/coconut milk (whichever I have available - I generally prefer the almond, it tastes better and makes it much thicker and creamier) I pour in until it just reaches the top of the blades

And in go the blueberries (I use half or a full pack)

On top of that goes the spinach and the kale (use 2/3 handfuls of each)

Then a ripe banana...

This is optional but for a little extra boost I add wheatgrass powder, miracle matcha, baobab and/or some maca powder (I only use half or whole teaspoon of each and find it doesn't affect the taste)

et voila!

Not often do you get something that tastes this good and is also so good for you! :)

When in bed for a few days and completely lost my appetite, this was one of the very few things I wanted, and it keeps you full for a good few hours. 

Funny enough as sick as I felt during those few days one good thing that did come out of it is that I felt so much better body wise because I hadn't really been eating anything else. This was almost a juice cleanse for me. I am sure any weight I may have lost during that time I would have got back as I am back to normal now and eating as usual but it makes me more curious about a juice cleanse, not something I have ever done but I am sure your body thanks you for it. 

One thing A and I have been doing for the past week is avoiding bread. I have to say I really enjoy bread and I am not sure it has been worth it, I don't actually feel any difference with my body. I guess I expected to feel slightly lighter around the stomach and have more energy but really its not been noticeable.

I did aim to do a short juice cleanse for the weekend just to try it out and also we are going away next week so it seemed like a good idea but we ended up eating out yesterday and tonight Andrew fancies a good burger while we watch some UFC... maybe next time! ;) If I do I will definitely share results!

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