Saturday 23 March 2013


Wearing some lovely new open-toed shoes was definitely on my mind but the weather in London has frustratingly still not worked itself out, we had snow today, at the end of March, I think that speaks for itself!

Last night I met Andrew for dinner at Goodman steakhouse in the city near where he works. We have been to this one before (they have 3 in total) but it was the very first one we went to probably about a year ago and actually as much as we like Goodman's I think the one in the city was our most favourite experience.

For a start, on that occasion we had a waitress from the US and I personally think it makes such a difference because the service they give is 9 times out of 10 second to none and she was extremely friendly. Then we had a really nice starter which they haven't had on their menu since and I can't for the life of me think what it was but it was so darn good. The steak was incredibly good, no words needed for that and then we both had desserts which were amazing; an unbelievably good 'eton mess' and Andrew had a 'chocolate brownie sundae'. Unfortunately I don't have any photos from that occasion but this time when we booked online, it asked if we had any special requests and cheekily I asked for eton mess! Surprisingly a few days before, they phoned Andrew to say they could do the eton mess so I was already excited! :)

Andrew had the special to start; scallops with spinach and pancetta, whilst I was unsure between the lobster cocktail and the prawn tempura. A little bit of me wishes I went with the lobster cocktail because I have had the prawn tempura before but I really like the prawn and it has a cajun mayo that I really didn't like the first time but now, love! :)

Scallops with spinach and pancetta
Tiger prawn tempura, avocado, cajun mayonnaise

For main I had the USDA fillet steak and Andrew had the bone in rib-eye. For sides we got spinach with chili and garlic, green beans in butter and maldon salt and mashed potato. The mash wasn't as good as I thought it would be and I would definitely order the chips next time.

(Butterfly) Fillet Steak and pepper sauce

Andrew struggled what to pick for dessert and he liked the idea of a taster plate so he asked if they could do one. Our waitress checked with the chef but it wasn't possible because it would end up wasting a lot of ingredients, if we really wanted it they said they could do it but would have to charge £20. Not really worth it. So she asked if he also wanted an eton mess to which Andrew replied, 'go on then'. 

We really didn't need two! These things are HUGE. 

AMAZING Eton Mess! Seriously. Truly.

So as we got stuck into this mountain of sweetness, Andrew starts to realise just how good this really is!

'Ok, so this stuff is really good'

'No, seriously why didn't you tell me about this? The chef needs to know just how good this is'

'I don't actually like meringue but this is the best'

'Why is this not on the menu?'

'No seriously. They should rename their restaurant 'ETON MESS and STEAK'

His words. Not mine.

Strawberries, meringue, ice cream, cream and strawberry sauce - heaven! DEATH by strawberry !

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