Friday 15 March 2013

Lets Shop!

Zara: leather panel top, yellow cotton tweed dress; Louison Paris cosmetics bag
The colour and leather panelling of this top is ideal for the smart or casual look - and this yellow tweed dress is perfect for Spring/Summer (they also have it in pink). I also saw these 'Louison Paris' cosmetic bags in Selfridges the colours and detail are so beautiful!

Zara: Green quilted jacket
Loving this green quilted coat, I actually saw it on someone a while ago and really liked it. I was prepared to buy it however when walking through Zara I glimpsed over at the sales section and was surprised to see a bunch of winter coats - I then walked closer thinking, hmm wonder if they have that green one... surprise surprise there it was, on sale and I couldn't help but smile :)

Black and white strap heels with gold studs
Saw these shoes the other week and couldn't decide on them so walked away - ever since, I have not been able to get them out of my head!!

I don't think I would really wear them but don't know what it is about them

I can just picture wearing them outside some café in Paris in the sunshine sipping on coffee :)
Andrew said, 'and when have you ever done that?!'.
He is right, we have been to Paris once and I loved it but it was pouring down with rain and wouldn't stop. Not quite the picture I had.

But us women picture these things when we see shoes, right? Or is it just me! And usually his first question when I buy something (apart from that its nice) is, where would you wear that?
Urgh! I hate that question. Us women don't think like that. We see something we like. We want it!

Anyway, I have bought a few shoes recently so I should stop being so greedy.

I think its just this London weather, its been SO SO cold, strong winds, rain, sleet, snow, sunshine all in the space of one week... four seasons in one week may sound like fun but its horrible!!

Spring hasn't even arrived and doesn't look like its ready to - these shoes almost bring some glimmer of hope that Spring is just round the corner :)

This was the other morning. It didn't last long!

A beautiful day in London

Happy weather wherever you are!

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