Thursday 14 March 2013

Sephora Collection: Express Nail Polish Remover

I love this little genius tub of foam!

When I saw the word's 'it's magic!' on the front I was somewhat sceptical (not the words that made me buy it) I liked the concept and it actually works surprisingly well.

It's definitely fast acting and a lot easier than the usual way of removing nail polish and its one less product to worry about (those pesky cotton pads) so it does make it really convenient, especially for travelling.

Basically inside this little tub of genius is thick foam, with a very narrow hole in the middle for your finger. You dip a finger inside and you let it do all the work. Sometimes it helps to twist and turn it a little against the foam but it soaks the nail polish right off quick and easy, its so efficient.
As you may have guessed, the foam is soaked in the solution, so its effectively a 2 in 1 product.

It almost feels less messy than the usual way and if you only need to correct one finger its perfect - no need to worry about cotton getting stuck to the other drying nails, just pop a finger in that needs redoing and viola! It's ready!

At somepoint I had a little incident and somehow managed to turn the thing upside down, I was surprised to see how much liquid came out! (so try not to do that!). I was actually worried it may have dried it out a little so I got my usual nail polish remover and poured a bit back into the foam for it to soak up! I don't know how long this product will last but its handy to think it could be reusable by refilling it.

Unfortunately this product isn't available in the UK because disappointingly Sephora isn't. Pah! :(
I did find an identical product from Bourjois, but I didn't like it anywhere near as much. It didn't seem as effective and quick and the foam wasn't as soft.

I will definitely stock up next time I am travelling. This almost makes you want to change your nail colour a lot more often!

Love. Love. Love.

Note: Some of Sephora's bottles seem to say 'instant nail polish remover, its magic!' and others 'express nail polish remover, its terrific!' but the bottles are exactly the same.

Free from, parabens, sulphates, phthalates, GMOs and triclosan
Really fast and easy
No strong nail polish remover smell
Ideal for travelling

No Sephora in the UK
Not available in the UK
Wish there was a foot version! ;)

Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover, available at or on

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