Tuesday 4 June 2013


Lace Top: Dorothy Perkins
Jacket: H&M 
Jeans: Zara
Belt: Michael Kors
Bag: Zara
Shoes: F21

Over the weekend we went to Goodman's steakhouse. We both enjoy steak but this time decided on some lobster too! You can see the pics here on instagram. There was a choice of big boy lobster or grilled lobster tail. After having seen the big boy lobster in the tank and it was even taken out the tank for us to see it and it was HUGE!, we decided to go with it and the next thing Andrew was taken into the kitchen to watch the process! We went a bit crazy on food to say the least, I could just about finish my fillet steak let alone the sides and lobster - but what made it an even better night was that at 4pm that day when I booked the table I asked if they did Eton Mess (see old post here) and after all the lobster sides and steak they had this already specially prepared for us! Its another reason we like this restaurant the service is so good we had an awesome night! I think just about everyone that walked passed our table was amazed by the size of this lobster! and although I really could have done without the eton mess it was still the best!

Now off to the gym today to feel less guilty and to enjoy this lovely sunshine with blue skies, finally summer may have arrived!

Happy Tuesday!

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