Monday 21 January 2013

Sienna X gradual tan

I am no fan of fake tan, the mess, the risk, its a bit much.

Gradual tans however, pre-mixed with moisturiser, are a nice and hassle-free way to get that hint of colour.

I particularly have been loving 'Sienna X' for all its good giving qualities.

Pros -
Reasonably priced
No stickiness
No nasty fake tan smell
No risk of streaks/patchiness 
No orangeness 
Dries within 5 minutes
Pump action bottle
Not tested on animals
Paraben free

Cons -
The tan doesn't last as long as I would like but then I haven't found any that do!

This also has a good list of ingredients including -
Aloe vera, sweet almond oil and cocoa butter

How I apply -
Before bed (just preference). Exfoliate. Moisturise. Apply with hands. Wash hands. Apply tiny amount onto hands - massage - use a wet wipe on inner palms. Go to bed. Wake up golden brown and happy. 
(Really I could have been on the beach for the past 8 hours, wishful thinking in my head, but actual feeling by the look of my skin).

One application does the job. Leaves skin smooth and faintly smelling rather like coconuts. 

This also contains some form of anti-cellulite formulation with the aid of lemon peel oil and butcher's broom, though I can't really confess to the powers of that (not because I don't have cellulite, lord knows most of us do and how astonishingly difficult it is to get rid of).

If you do like the other types of tan, Sienna X do have a range online, including an instant bronzing gel, selection of body products and some cosmetics.

All in all a good brand to know and love. 

For that hint of colour all year round Sienna X is your good friend. :)

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