Wednesday 19 December 2012

Skindinavia Setting Spray

The award winning Skindinavia makeup finishing spray. MAGIC in a bottle.

Pros -
Extremely fine spray/mist
Dries within 15 seconds
Does give makeup long lasting power (up to 16 hour wear)

Cons -
Hard to find (at least in the UK)
Contains alcohol (not great for skin)

Spray after makeup application. 15 seconds later...BAM. Perfect looking finish.

If anything I notice the days I don't use it.

Skindinavia have five different setting sprays (Original, no more shine, moisture lock, 10 years younger and bridal).

I use moisture lock because I tend to have dry skin.

Bottles come in 2 different sizes (4oz, 8oz) including a travel size spray (2oz), ideal for holidays.
Approx. indication if used daily; 2oz - 6 weeks, 4oz - 12 weeks, 8oz - 24 weeks

At the moment if ordering from their website you get a free travel size spray and 60 day money back guarantee.

Go find your magic in a bottle.

Skindinavia Makeup Setting Sprays, Also available at

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