Wednesday 23 January 2013

Christmas: Connecticut and Fort Myers

Naples, Fl
Christmas seemed to come and go fast but then it always does, time flies when having fun.

It got off to a bad start... Heathrow (as usual) was a pain in the ar*e. I was put in a check-in line that wasn't moving and consisted of about 80+ people when I had already checked in! When I complained I was in the wrong line 'surely I should be in bag-drop' a woman shuffled me out and put me in a line of 4!  HUGE difference (and a time-saver, I was already a little late).

Checked-in, ran to security, only to face more problems. The main issue seemed to be my iPad and it wasted literally 10 minutes I didn't have for some lady to look at it who seemed to have all the time in the world...

Ran to the boarding gate, grabbed coffee and snack to go (I don't bond well with aeroplane food) and then boarded the flight all in slight panic as I was definitely one of those last few on - but thankfully not holding up the flight.

I breezed through the cabin looking at my seat number on my ticket as I passed (usually would have checked by now but was in such a rush) only to realise I had gone too far

Seat 6C?
Hold up.
I'm at 13F, I need to turn back
but back is business?
(walks back)
Flight attendant: 'Ma'am, are you ok?' (as I look all flustered)

I thought I would save embarrassment of asking if I was in the correct seat (when its clearly labelled and a part of me was thinking just sit down) don't make a scene or ask questions, they might have made a mistake take it while you can!
So I sat down in business with quite a big smile on my face as she handed me a glass of bubbles :) to a bad good start
inflight menu
wine and dessert :)

I landed in JFK on Xmas eve, my sister picked me up who lives in CT which was nice as I haven't been before so made it easy.

When we got to CT I was amazed at how pretty it is. Better than expected. A really pretty quaint town
(Obviously, wintery feel of snow and Christmas lights etc always helps) - and it definitely was freezing.

After CT we flew down to Fort Myers to some warmer weather, lots of sunshine :)

Fort Myers and Naples are perfect for good weather in Dec/Jan, so I love visiting there and the great shopping is a bonus. Also visited Cape Coral for the first time but didn't enjoy it as much. It's quite basic, with not much of a store or restaurant around, extremely residential so not ideal for visiting. The Westin Marina where we stayed though was really nice and I actually miss the condo there it was so nicely done, I felt right at home! and has some amazing views. The other downside was that it was on the bay so there was a mass of mosquitoes, and they were MASSIVE. Quite literally (with boots on!).

Westin Marina (condo), Cape Coral
The more and more I'm lucky enough to get away to places with good sunshine I find it hard to come back to the UK. It's so cold and grey - at the moment its snowing which is better than the rain but I prefer the sun anyday...

Westin Marina Bay view

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