Tuesday 14 May 2013

The Beauty Blender

The beauty blender has been around for quite a while now. Before I picked this up just over a month ago I was using a dupe which was a good but much cheaper version because I just couldn't justify the price tag for what is effectively a sponge!

The dupe version I had, although good, did fall apart after a few months from use and wash. So I decided after replacing the dupe on my fourth occasion, it was time to invest in a beauty blender in the hope that it would actually last a great deal longer! That and I was about to go on holiday, for some reason that 'holiday feeling' pushes you into getting all the products you've been wanting!

Hands down, this thing is awesome. The dupe was good but this is very good - I am at least glad there is a noticeable difference with how durable it feels and so far its remained intact.

Not only is it a dream to use on the skin, it is so simple to wash with the accompanied cleanser. With my dupe version I used to just wash it with some hand wash/shampoo/brush cleanser and although it cleaned it is was never quite brand-new looking, but with this I decided to also get the proper cleanser that goes with it so I can take care of it as much as possible and after a 2 minute clean it is like brand new. (There are 2 cleanser options available; one solid and one liquid)

I haven't always been a brush fan for foundation products but having had this I haven't used a brush at all since. Its very quick and easy to use, the sponge soaks up some of the product so it can also give you that light finish if desired.

The only thing I find troublesome with this is once I have washed it, I need to find a place to let it dry and keep it clean. It comes in a box but it was quite big and so I didn't really want to keep it, but unlike make up brushes that you can stand up in a holder or place with your other brushes somewhere this could get dirty easily, but other than that its a dream to work with.

How I use: Wet the sponge, gently squeeze, and use damp. (The more damp it is, the sheerer the finish) The sponge expands in size as it becomes wet. I don't use it for powder but I use it for liquid or cream products. I bounce/tap gently the sponge over the face and it creates a seamlessly even finish.

Tip 1 - Use the pointed end for concealer; nose and eye area, use the round base end for main areas of the face 
Tip 2 - Don't dig nails into it, even when washing, it is so soft and the material will tear
Tip 3 - Use with cream blush, it works beautifully

- blends like a dream
- easy to use
- easy to clean
- multi-purpose performing

- Not easy to store like a make up brush
- Careful with nails, nails can tear sponge when washing

The Beauty Blender, available at beautyblender.co.ukAmazon and Sephora

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